Friday, February 27, 2009

Blender 2.5 is on the horizon

The blender community is starting to get excited about the release of version 2.5, which is a ground up rewrite of the software. Until now the code runs well but is starting to creak under constant revision over the years.

Starting march 3 there will be winter camp in which b lender developers will get down to some serious code development which should make a big dent in the re-write project. This is going to be a very interesting project to watch as blender has a dedicated community who are really starting to set the pace as far as open source software development goes.

Users of macbooks who are suffering from slowdowns and unreliability due to graphics integration on their machines should be keenly following progress of the rewrite.

The new API should make for easier development of plugins for developers which could be a massive boost for the software. In the past easy plugin devlopment has paved the way for for the fast development of features into a major software suite, Adobe's handling of plugins over the years is a good case in point.

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