Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bringing back those golden days of the darkroom in digital form.

There is always something that has bugged me about Digital Photography, sure it's convenient, economical and produces good results... there just seemed to be something missing. Teaching darkroom photography I constantly see the enthusiasm people have for the tactile process of producing photos and I realised that in order to teach digital photography on an engaging level there was a need to look at the entire process and see what was missing.

After plenty of reading I realised that I had spent a huge amount of time developing my own photographic style and that the film type, developer etc was a major part of it. Moving over to digital the quality was great but I had lost all the elements that shaped the final quality of my photos.

I have done plenty of reading on the subject and read opinions from many different angles, here is my take on a Digital Photography workflow that works for me, is simple and most importantly brings back a bit of excitement to my work.

The following posts are my opinion on the subject, if you are not a fan of what I have to say then you might be better heading over to a more technically minded site and forming your own opinion, lets not forget that image quality is highly subjective.

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