Wednesday, August 4, 2010

JVC Everio OSX problems

The JVC everio cameras use .tod files which use a type of MPEG 2 compression to get a lot of data (the camera is HD) onto a 60gb hard drive which is okay for a standard def but a little small for a hd camera. The details on using this camera are bit hard to come by so i thought it might be worth sticking up the info here. I usually get a couple of students every year who have the same problem with the camera.

I am unable to import video from my HD Everio GZ-HD7, GZ-HD5, GZ-HD3, GZ-HD6 to iMovie HD6 or Quick Time Player. I am getting one of the following error messages: “The file could not be imported: The file ‘xxxxxxxx.TOD’ can’t be imported; QuickTime couldn’t parse it: -2014” or “The movie contains an incorrect duration."

An update patch for the bundled QuickTime component for Everio software is available for customers with QuickTime Version 7.4 and 7.4.1 and/or Mac OS X 10.5.2 Please visit this site to download the update;

an I edit HD Everio video with an Apple Macintosh using iMovie 6 HD, Final Cut Pro, or other Apple editing applications?
Yes. Please understand that there are many variations of Apple computer hardware and software. These differences in configuration have an impact on which method is best for editing with the HD Everio.
If you would like to edit with iMovie 6 HD, you will use a USB 2.0 connection and you can choose any available recording mode.
If you would like to edit with Final Cut Pro, you can use an i.Link or USB connection.
With i.Link, you will need to record in the 1440CBR mode. With i.Link, there is no additional software that you need to install. An optional i.Link cable is required.

With USB, you can choose any available recording mode. There are three additional things you must install:
Install the QUICK TIME for Everio component from the CD-ROM that is supplied with the HD Everio camcorder.
Also install the update for the JVC Quick Time component for Everio which can be found at: This update provides compatibility up to QuickTime Version 7.4.5 and Mac OS X 10.5.2.

Setup files for Final Cut Pro for 60i (for USA) need to be downloaded and installed from:
On the same page there is a tutorial link with individual sections for recordings made in FHD or SP/1440CBR modes. It shows you how to convert the file to either AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec), YUV (uncompressed) format or HDV1080i.
Please also see the Apple editing tutorials which are located here:
It is also possible to down convert from High Definition to DV standard which can be captured through i.Link and edited with many older Apple editing applications.

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