Sunday, December 7, 2008

Computer Graphics 08 Project Ideas

It is completely open as to what your Computer Graphics Project for 08 consists of, as long as it can domonstrate:

• a documented design process
• computer graphics technical skills
• aesthetic design

However there are ways you can maximise the sucess of the project

Choose an Appropriate Scale of project.
Working in 3D is time intensive try to keep the elements of your design simple but well refined, too much complexity will lead to production problems at the end.

Plan what you final presentation method will be.
Animations are great but require a large scale comittment from students, I would only reccommend this type of project for student who have previous 3D animation experience.
Posters have high impact and are fairly straight forward to produce, plan on a full2 weks of production time in Photoshop and Indesign for your poster.

Don't Emulate existing design ideas
Possibly the biggest mistake you can make with you project is to design something that looks conventional or like somthing already in existance. If you are modelling a house it needs to have exciting design elements, if it is a car make it look like nothing the assessors have seen before.

Instead, take inspiration from leading designers
True artists take inspiration from their surroundings, this includes what other artist/designers are doing. Find out what the best of the field is doing and take inspiration from this.

Develop a Production Timetable
Managing your time is one of the most important skills for the major project, unless students can demonstrate signifigant progress of their projects by mid year they will be downgraded to the level 2 course.

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